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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


This is probably the last post I do with the "ELECTION..." format that's been used since early yesterday morning. There'll still be some thoughts posted here in the next couple of days, but now's a good time to wrap-up the "live commentary" that I've had going for the past almost-48 hours now. In the next little while I'm probably going to finally unwrap the Police Squad! DVD that I got today and watch it a little, before going to bed.

I still can't believe how good I'm feeling tonight. The news came a little over 24 hours ago that I hadn't won a seat... but I've still got the most wonderful sense of euphoria at how good I did do. By the way, I didn't realize it until earlier this evening but I came within 813 votes of landing a seat, and only 117 votes less than Jon Mason, who came in seventh place. Considering the intense voter turnout - despite the rain and cold we had all day yesterday - this was a very close race for the most part. You can view the final election results here.

Okay, time for me to go and unwind a little before hitting the sack. I've got to be at work tomorrow morning at 7, but Thursdays are usually pretty laid-back at the station. I'll have time to compose more thoughts during the day tomorrow.

This is your live Rockingham County Board of Education election day coverage from the perspective of candidate Christopher Knight, signing off... :-)


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....a guy named James Austin won.

Now I see why you lost.

We need to change your name.

Try this on for size: Christopher Houston.

Actually, the blame of your loss resides with me, and Lisa, and Chad, and Ed, and Melody, etc.

If only we had cheated on your behalf. Like for example, stealing the election machines and replacing them with Diebold machines, bribing people to vote for you, having the Mafia get out the deceased vote, etc.

I'm so ashamed. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I got it! I got it!

Christopher Bush!

Chris Knight said...


You really *do* want to be Kissinger, don't you? :-P

Eaglet said...

Congratulations on running and finishing the race. Thanks also for performing the self-coverage so that potential constituents and non-constituents like myself could learn about your efforts.

Great job, Chris!