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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I slept good! The best that I've had in awhile. And I got to sleep in a little late too. Lisa was the one who woke me up with a phone call from school: they're going to start throwing away all the signs later this afternoon, so I need to go get mine. There are a little over 200 signs of mine spread out across the county... and Lord only knows where I'm going to put them all :-P Then I called Mom and after that talked to Scott, the associate pastor of my church.

I'm still feeling what I felt last night when I hit the hay: upbeat and impressed and proud and... positively stunned. The thought of tattooing "4,584" on my chest - along with the knight chesspiece logo from my campaign - has crossed my mind at least once since last night. But I know Lisa wouldn't let me do that: a tattoo really is a permanent reminder of your temporary insanity, and it's good to have a wife there to defuse crazy notions like that :-)

There's a few things I need to do today, not the least of which is start getting signs up. There's also some things I'm feeling inclined to talk about so far as what did happen last night goes... but that might come a little later than I promised last night. Later on today though, I plan on doing the thing that I'd intended to do if I had won: even though I didn't win a seat, as proud as I am of my first-time campaign and how remarkably well I did, I think I deserve treating myself to this. You'll find out later on this evening what it is :-)

Okay, off to take down signs.