Monday, November 06, 2006

How the GOP pimps gay marriage for votes

There's a TV ad that's running here that ever since it started airing, it's disgusted me. It's for one of the congressional candidates: at one point in the commercial it says that he's "protecting traditional marriage with a constitutional amendment".

Here's why it sickens me: the Republicans have had the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate for almost six years now. They've had more than enough time to put a "conservative agenda" into enacted legislation and they've had the political power to accomplish it too. They could have very easily passed an amendment to the Constitution "protecting traditional marriage" (someday I'm going to write here about how it is that marriage - as something instituted by God - doesn't need "protecting" by man). In all the time that they've been controlling everything, the Republicans have done diddly-squat about it. So on what grounds are we to trust them that they are going to do anything about it now?

Here's what I believe: there will never be a "constitutional amendment" against gay marriage... at least not with the Republican Party controlling things. This is always going to be nothing more than a bone that the Republicans throw to the evangelical Christian community to keep them coming back to the polls to vote GOP. It's really not much more than fear-based politicking: "keep voting for us or the Democrats will give you gay marriage"... nevermind that the Republicans have no interest whatsoever in doing anything about it at all. What's more, if they did outlaw "gay marriage" (reiterating what I said earlier: I don't believe it's possible for the concept of marriage to include homosexuality), the Republican Party would have nothing to keep drawing the conservative Christians to the polls to continue voting them into power. It's the same reason why abortion - as heinous as it is - will only be addressed superficially by the Republicans... and abortion as a political issue isn't something they're that passionate about anymore, anyway.

Ya see, this is why my campaign commercials have been so "peculiar": Number One, they're not negative or othewise aimed at somone else... and they never will be for however long my political career lasts. And Number Two, I'm not going to use commercial airtime - that I'm paying good money for - to make myself out to be a hypocrite.