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Monday, November 27, 2006

I watched HEROES... in glorious High-Def!

I've said it before: when it comes to television, I'm only slightly more liberal than the Amish. It takes a really impressive show for me to want to invest my time into watching it. The number of shows that I've actively kept up with during the course of my life could be counted with both hands.

Well, "Weird" Ed has been swearing to me that this new show Heroes on NBC is terrific. I've heard from a few other places also that it's supposed to be pretty good. So tonight I checked it out for the first time. And tonight's episode of Heroes has the honor of being the very first thing that I've watched all the way through in full beautiful high-definition since the guy came to install the HD box this afternoon (it also has a DVR build in... which Lisa has already fallen in love with :-).

And in HD, Heroes is awesome! Even in standard I'm sure it's really great too. Except... I have no idea what's supposed to be happening on this show! All I really got out of tonight is that the little Japanese guy is "unstuck" in time and space, and the cheerleader chick has Wolverine's healing powers. And somehow this one guy flew. Ummmm... guess I need to hit the ol' file torrents and download the first few episodes so I can get caught up. Anyhoo, looks like "Weird" Ed spotted another winner, 'cuz I'm prolly gonna be checking this out regular for awhile at least (and now that we have the DVR I can just record Monday Night Live to watch later :-).


Anonymous said...

DVR's rock. I like Heroes a lot. Set your DVR. Scifi will be showing the first 6 eps Wed. night starting at 6. That way you will only be missing a few eps.

Chris Knight said...

And the ones we do miss I can just download off the Internet, just like old-school!

I like this character Hiro a lot. Did you know that the guy who plays him is a CGI artist at ILM in real life? He's worked on all three Star Wars prequels, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and quite a few others. I thought that was pretty neat :-)

Anonymous said...

And he has not quit his day job :)