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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is someone going "off the island" on LOST tonight?

Last week's Lost was terrific! Even though I didn't get to finally watch it until Friday night because I was so busy with debates, making some other campaign appearances etc. So I downloaded an HD copy off the torrents and Lisa and I watched it together. The whole "Hey Sawyer we put a bomb in your chest" thing really had me gripping the arms of my chair. If there's any complaint I've had about Lost lately now though, it's this whole thing with Desmond and how he supposedly knows what's going to happen in the future. Even for a show like this, that seems... a bit hokey. It sort of has the sense of being the kind of thing that's a sign that a show is starting to get ready to "jump the shark" if you know what I mean. Hoping this is something that won't be abused and will have a sound explanation for sometime down the line.

Well, tonight's episode is supposed to focus on Mr. Eko, who is one of my very favorite characters on Lost. And supposedly tonight one of the regular characters is going to die. Are they going to "off" Eko?! I hope not! But since this is an Eko-centric episode I'm dreading that they're about to pull off an Ana-Lucia on us again. We're also supposed to see some of the castaways make a return trip to the Pearl Station, in the hopes of using the computers there to locate Jack, Kate and Sawyer.

What will happen tonight? We'll soon find out! Just please, please don't kill off Eko. Or Hurley. Or Sayid. Or Locke. Or...