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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


"Peek-a-boo... I see you!"

I so did not want this to happen.

Awright well... who's going to continue building the church?!?

Really good episode though, even though that was the one character I did not want to die: gotta admit that was pretty neat CGI for his death scene though. Eyepatch Guy looks pretty evil. These two new castaways: they're being "introduced" rather clumsily. I feel nothing toward them whatsoever. But we haven't really been introduced to many other Flight 815 survivors outside of the "core" group yet, so I'll be forgiving and give them another few shots to prove themselves.

And ummm... didn't Juliet's "movie" that she showed Jack seem an awful lot like my newest commercial for my school board campaign? I saw that and was giggling mad at how alike they are :-)


Anonymous said...

Didn't want Eko to die. He is one of my fav's. I'm with you I think the 2 new losties are not well written and haven't endeared them to me yet.

Lee Shelton said...

I agree about Eko. And whatever happened to Rose and Bernard?

Chris Knight said...

With Eko gone, Bernard is the last of the "tailies" that we know is alive and well (we still don't know what happened to the ones taken by the Others, like that stewardess). He and Rose are still doing well I'm assuming. Hope we get to see them again soon: I kinda like them a lot.