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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Conservative" group goes too far with "manger" scene

The lust to destroy other people because of their political persuasion will certainly lead to the downfall of this country. I don't care who it is who's doing the hating: Democrat or Republican or "conservative" or "liberal". Seeing one's fellow man as a target of political expedience is... I don't know what else to call it except "base evil".

(Look in some of the more prominent "political discussion" forums if you want to see what I mean. Which is one of the reasons I quit doing those.)

I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. I also hold to many more traditionally conservative values than I do with other political leanings. That said, what's depicted in this picture disgusts me. And not because of the intent these students probably had in mind either. I suppose the "conservative" students at the University of Texas think of themselves as particularly clever for having come up with this. To me it's a display of intellectual shallowness. It shows that the students are incapable of thinking outside the box that their political philosophy has confined them to. There's definitely nothing Christian about it...

That's an "ACLU Solstice Barn" that the Young Conservatives at the Austin campus of the University of Texas have set up. Mary and Joseph have been replaced with homosexual "Gary and Joseph". The Magi are Stalin, Lenin and Marx. Of course they also had to do the "currently stylish" thing and throw in Nancy Pelosi. Here's the story at WorldNetDaily if you want to know more.

I've no love for the ACLU. I think they've done a few good things over the decades but those have been woefully overshadowed by too much lunacy, like attacking public display of manger scenes at Christmas (oh I forgot, it's "the holidays"). They're too much known for the evil they've done as opposed to the good. I've no problem with attacking them as an organization...

...but there is a line of appropriateness and good taste. And these "conservative" students have crossed it with this display.

I don't care if Stalin, Lenin and Marx are insulted, if it's not done as crass as it is here. What bothers me is the inclusion of Pelosi. These "conservatives" and far too many others desperately want to hate someone for the "sin" of being a Democrat. It's not like when Bill Clinton was President: Lord knows that man deserved the ridicule... but loathing someone because you are expected to do so by your political party shows how little free will some people have. To me, there's no difference between this and the "Two Minutes Hate" from Orwell's 1984. This just happens to be more sophisticated. But it still serves the same purpose: focus the people's raw emotion on something, let them vent their anger... so they'll be distracted from the things that really matter and hence become more controllable. And isn't that what this whole thing is, really: a show of power and control?

Those aren't conservative values. At least, not any that I wound up adopting over the years. Neo-conservative maybe, but not classic conservatism.

Bottom line: these "conservative" students are accomplishing little more than showing everyone how very proud they are to be willing to be used as tools to further something as ultimately meaningless as a political agenda. And they're doing as much damage to the imagery of Christmas as the group they are attacking with it. If there is anyone with adult maturity among the Young Conservatives at the University of Texas, they should tear this thing down tonight.