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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I shouldn't have looked. I knew what to expect. But I looked anyway.

Senator Tim Johnson, a Democrat from South Dakota, may have suffered a stroke earlier today (although his spokesman is now saying that's not the case). If Johnson can't fulfill his term, it would apparently go to the governor of South Dakota to appoint someone to fill the seat. The governor of South Dakota happens to be a Republican. So one more Republican in the Senate would tilt control of it away from the Democrats.

So more than enough jackals over at Free Republic are now licking their chops over the opportunity they have to "regain" the Senate because of this.

Here's one page of their comments: I'll leave it up to the reader to decide which ones cross the line of good taste. I could also say something about the losers on Democratic Underground: a lot of them have suggested that this is some kind of Bush/Rove plot to take back the Senate. Which I think Karl Rove is one of the most evil, un-Christian men on the political scene (and that's saying something) but I don't know how anyone could seriously entertain such a notion that Johnson's illness is a Republican plot.

But it's the ones at Free Republic - you know, the "conservative" forum, the one that is supposed to take "the high road" - that I find particularly loathsome at this hour.

There really is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats, is it? For both of them it's all about acquiring raw, naked power and then using it to beat others into submission.

If you are a member of either party, or even any party at all, you as an individual are of no use to it. Your unique soul does not matter. Only what you contribute to "the party" for sole sake of "the party" gaining power. You have made yourself an asset to be used at the will of "the party" and it is "the party" - not you or God - that will determine your identity. And when one is completely bereft of any identity of their own, that is when they lose any sense of appreciation for the value and sanctity of other individuals.

The behaviour at both Free Republic and Democratic Underground regarding this matter illustrates that point perfectly.

America will not survive people who are like this.


Anonymous said...


Unlax! The Democrats are going to take over the Senate, just as they are scheduled to do.

The Senate refuses to set minimum performance standards for its membership, so any Senator this side of the grave will be considered to be "in office" as long as the people elect and the Senator desires the job.

Matt Smith

Chris Knight said...

It doesn't matter whether its the Democrats or the Republicans who are in power in the Senate or White House or whatever. Life for regular Americans does not improve no matter who is "in charge".

It's a long read, but here's an article I found the other day, about something we could use a lot more of in this country: http://members.mountain.net/theanalyticpapers/bushido.htm