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Friday, January 05, 2007

Christian theology and G.I. Joe

My friend Doug Smith has been posting some good theological musings on his Myspace page lately. Here's one that's particularly clever.


Anonymous said...

You can't reason with dogmatic belief. If you truly believe in your religion you will ignore any evidence I present that shows that your belief is unreasonable. How are you supposed to negotiate with people that have such a significant chunk of their brain turned off? And what are the consequences for the rest of the world when a religion dictates that unbelievers should be put to the sword (which both Judaism and Christianity advocate, as well as Islam)?

While I won't speculate as to the existence of the divine, I will say that there are no reasoned arguments supported by evidence that suggest that the conceptions of God proposed by the religions of the world are correct. Anyone that claims to "know" otherwise is not using his rationality to arrive at that knowledge, he is using his ignorance.

So how do you feel about Jesus being the son of Yahweh, who in turn is an Egyptianized (Jews in Egypt) version of the Canaanite deity El (as in Isra-EL, Samu-EL)? The Philistines, who were Greek in origin, would almost certainly have propitiated El. If you were in Greece would you seek to propitiate a Greek deity? The great monotheistic religions have clearly traceable roots back to pagan polytheism. If you accept that Jesus can affect the world you must, in order to remain consistent, also accept that Athena Polias is the guardian deity of Athens. Oh and lets not forget that many of the Biblical figures are simply eponyms for geographical locations, much like Pelops and the Peloponessus. Wouldn't hurt to mention that simple anthropological analysis shows that the biblical stories are a part of common near eastern oral tradition that shows up in the surviving literature of nearly every major ancient mediterranean civilization.

This evidence however doesn't shake your faith because you have shut off the part of your brain that is willing to evaluate the evidence against your religious belief. In shutting off a part of your brain you are robbing yourself of the most essential part of your humanity: your ability to reason. That's why the religious mind disgusts me, because it refuses to use it's faculty of reason. And without reason there is little to seperate us from animals.

Chris Knight said...

What are you rambling about? I never said that I have a religion.

I do have a relationship with God, however.

Anonymous said...


A lamb for Jesus,
Adam Logan