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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Crapshoot #1: Responding to the Iraq speech tonight

Yes this is what it's come to ladies and gentlemen: sitting on a toilet while laying down some smack about what needs to be said...
In this first (last?) edition of what I'm calling "Crapshoot with Christopher Knight" I'm responding to President Bush's speech tonight about the Iraq war. Among things getting discussed are why American involvement in Iraq was doomed from the start, why Iraq is currently incapable of sustaining "democracy", and the hypocrisy of Bush wanting to protect Iraq's borders while doing nothing about our own.

This is a much better video than my first video blog post that I did yesterday. Think I've gotten into a good groove now when it comes to speaking into a camera for an audience of... what, four or five? :-) Some friends provided great feedback on that first video, that I'm trying my best to take to heart. Anyway, here's a new one. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Mission Accomplished! tax breaks for his base (ie: the filthy rich),
cheap labor from overseas (while china becomes stronger and a bigger energy glutton than we are), feeding Haliburton tax dollars and no oversight on the spending and giving america the image of a imperilistic nation that insults our enemies, instead
of using diplomacy. the republican party is the party of capitalism, i never understood why christians would cut working americans throats. i'm a bluecollar worker who is paying more for health insurance than ever before, but the insurance doesn't cover the cost of doctor visits as it once did. i'm paying more for energy and food, but i can't seem to find my taxbreak anywhere. the republican party dangles the idea of ending abortion and banning gay marriage like a carrot infront of religious bigots. yes the republicans will protect you until you're out of the womb, but then you're screwed. do a google search for the cartoon "supplyside jesus".

Doug Smith said...

Hear hear. I was unfortunate enough to see an interview with him on 60 minutes today and listened to him try to rationalize his idiotic handling of Iraq.

He made the comment that we can't pull out of Iraq because it will give the enemy confidence. Does he not realize that our enemies are already gaining confidence simply because he is failing so miserably in handling this?

Welcome to Vietnam Part 2.

Jenna St.Hilaire said...


That was AWESOME. I loved it! The concept was, of course, hilarious, and you made very clear and intelligent points about Iraq. In saying what you did about the lack of desire for democracy among the Iraqi people themselves, you put words to what troubles me about this campaign, and I actually didn't know all of that about the history of that country.

Nice work, anyway! Way to make a statement about the ineffectuality of this particular foreign affair without sounding like the usual protester-sign 'fight war with peace' nincompoopery that we get shoved at us everywhere out here. Great little video :-D