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Sunday, January 07, 2007

KING KONG Extended Edition DVD

Lisa got me the King Kong: Extended Edition DVD for Christmas and we finally found time this afternoon to watch the movie (I've already been checking out the extra content). This is the King Kong that Peter Jackson released a little over a year ago in 2005 and just as he did with The Lord of the Rings, he filmed a ton more stuff that he waited to put on a "special release" DVD. Here's the review I did when the movie first came out and since then, after watching it on DVD a few more times, Peter Jackson's King Kong is easily one of the most beautiful - and haunting - things I've seen so far as recent movies go. If you liked the original version, you'll love King Kong: Extended Edition. More than 13 minutes of new footage has been incorporated into the film including when the rescue party is attacked by a charging dinosaur not long after going through the gate. And another scene where Denham, Jack and the rest are ambushed by Skull Island's aquatic wildlife while crossing water on rafts. A few other additions give some more depth to the characters. Also included in the set are almost 40 minutes of deleted scenes, a few making-of documentaries and "The Eighth Blunder of the World": a hilarious blooper reel. Definitely something to add to your DVD collection if you already enjoyed Peter Jackson's King Kong.


Darth Larry said...

too bad i didn't enjoy the first time around. hrmph. as i recall, my behind was numb enough after sitting through that marathon of a movie. my behind doesn't need 13 more minutes!!!!

but glad you enjoy it...

qemuel said...

Bah! A pox on Darth Larry's short attention span! ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I honestly loved it more the second time around.

Anonymous said...

Before this movie came out, I kept up with all of Peter Jackson's extensive behind-the-scenes documentary footage at KongIsKing.net and was really hyped about the movie. I even remember enjoying it in the theater once it finally came out.

However, I haven't been too motivated to see it since then. I think I dread sitting through the initial story setup and the Skull Island material again, which was good but dragged a little.

If I rent it or buy it, it will be primarily for the interaction between Kong and Ann. I loved their relationship together, and Naomi Watts was superb in the role. It may be worth getting it just to see the scene of them playing on the frozen pond (best part of the movie).