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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Taking a break

Every now and then - even though it's been almost a year since the last one - I take a break from blogging. Sometimes for a few days and others, over a month. For Lent last year (even though I'm not Catholic) I gave up blogging, and I think it was a good thing in retrospect.

Since then I've gone through a lot of things, including the school board campaign. Well, the past day or so some things have happened that have made me decide that I need some time away. Factor in something else that's going to be demanding my attention this next week, and opting to take a respite is looking even more attractive. Besides, everyone needs to step away and get refreshed from the routine craziness of life every so often.

So this is going to be my last post for awhile. Probably not for more than a few weeks though. As always, expect a somewhat different Chris Knight (but hopefully not too different) to return to this page.

'Til then, take care and God bless :-)