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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Boston Red Sox and last night's LOST (and more about "Room 23")

I just finished watching last night's episode of Lost, titled "Flashes Before Your Eyes" for the third time (I watched it again from the DVR right after it finished airing too). Ooh-boy... and you thought last week's episode was something else. I like what one guy on Ain't It Cool said: "It's like Sam Beckett leaped into the Matrix as it reset itself!"

About that: I think the Oracle... ummm 'scuse me, Ms. Hawking, is wrong: things don't have to happen simply because of "destiny". There is always a choice and free will and things don't have to necessarily go according to the universe's plan. The evidence for that is all over the show: I'm thinking about how Desmond wound up being the guy getting hit with the bat instead of the bartender, but also think about how such a big deal has been made about the Boston Red Sox and how they'll "never win the World Series". That was a recurring thing for the first two seasons, like it was an irrevocable law of nature. And then Ben shows Jack the video (remember this story is still happening in late 2004) of the Red Sox winning it. So is the world going to end because Boston didn't "follow the script"?

That's one thing I love about this show: it makes you think about things like determinism versus free will.

Can't wait to watch this again, this time with Lisa (she hasn't seen it yet).

By the way, speaking of Lost, a lot of people are still talking about the "Room 23" scene from last week's episode and some of them have found something really interesting: play the scene backward with the audio turned up. You hear a woman's voice saying that "Only fools are enslaved by time and space". Lost Easter Eggs has the video and audio for you to check out yourself.

"Only fools are enslaved by time and space"... that sounds like a great a life motto as there ever was one :-P