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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Secretive "Christian leaders" pimping Jesus for votes again

Jerry Falwell, James Dobson and a few other "Christian leaders" are trying to decide who to support for President in 2008. And their meetings are hush-hush.

First of all, who the hell decided that these guys are supposed to be "Christian leaders"? Secondly, their "leadership" sure hasn't helped America much in the past several years, has it?

And third, why are they shying away from public knowledge of their activities? If what they are doing is really honorable before the sight of God, then they should have nothing to hide from other people.

Falwell, Dobson, Robertson, and the rest of these charlatans... they want you to give your vote to the Republicans a lot more than they want you to give your heart to Jesus. And some people wonder why as a Christian I'm so fed-up with how so many of my faith have turned into such cheap whores.

I still can't believe that I almost went to work for Mr. "Hey fathers you should show your penises to your little boys" Dobson.