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Monday, February 05, 2007

Something beautiful

Brian Hodges - AKA Darth Larry - is not only a bigger Star Wars geek than me (is that possible?) but he's also an accomplished cello player. Here's a video of him rehearsing - along with his wife Betsi on piano - something called "Rachmaninoff Sonata" for a recital he gave a couple months ago...
Recital Warm-Up

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I like posting stuff like this, not only because it demonstrates the talents of good friends but also because it makes me look good when others see that I got the hookup with high-class cultured folks :-)


Anonymous said...

very cool and beautiful!

Darth Larry said...

oh dear.

thanks for the publicity! (cringe, cringe).

and by the way, i don't think i'm a bigger Star Wars geek than you are. now, if you'll excuse me, i need to go read my new issue of the Star Wars insider, while i eat Star Wars poptarts and watch Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

qemuel said...


I've seen Brian play once before, but never Betsy; they are quite the dynamic duo!

If/when they have a kid, I have no doubt that he/she will be an incredible athlete. :)

Darth Larry said...

athlete?! hahahahaha. i may be somewhat, halfway, slightly decent at the cello.

but athletic ability? that's a WHOLE other gene group, which i assure you, i do not possess.

yep, i'm afraid our offspring will be the last picked for teams...just like their dear old dad.

betsi was a pretty good field hockey player in high school though.

Anonymous said...


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