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Monday, March 26, 2007

ROME series finale last night

This is a show that knows how to wrap-up: by leaving them wanting more. That final shot, with Titus Pullo just about to tell Caesarion "about your father..." was timeless and beautiful. The whole hour and fifteen minutes (yup they went over a quarter-hour on this one) was awesome. Except... now we'll have no more adventures from Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo. But at least Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson seem to be spinning their work on Rome into other stuff: both are said to be doing some TV pilots and such. Here's hoping we find them back on the screen soon 'cuz these are two actors who captivated a lot of people. It was their work, and not the machinations of Antony and Caesar and Attia and Octavian and the rest, that is what made Rome so must-see these two seasons.

All told, it was good stuff. I might have to spring for the DVD sets of both seasons when they're out in stores.

Geez, what's HBO going to do since Rome and now The Sopranos are going away for good? That's a lot of good TV slot to fill. Maybe they'll get smart and bring back Carnivale...


Anonymous said...

Finally get the Pacific version of Band of Brothers done?