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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Change is in the air

If you're a regular reader you've no doubt noticed the new title graphic. I thought I'd shamelessly capitalize on getting recognized by The New York Times a few months ago for my school board campaign, and on what more people are telling me that I might have a pretty strong case for being the first known blogger with proof of it. This site gets tons of visitors each day, mostly because of only a handful of articles that have been here for awhile. So yeah, I'm trying to increase my regular readership :-)

Anyway, that won't be the only thing changing around here. The next few days are going to be spent playing around with the layout and other elements on this blog. That new title might not even last for very long. Since the last time this blog got a new look over a year ago, so much has happened in my life that I really don't feel like "that Chris" at all. So the blog's new look is going to reflect more on who I am now: still enjoying life, but a lot more serious too about things. You might have noticed that coming out in the posts of the past few days, especially.

So if this place seems messed-up at times, that's just me working behind the scenes. This place will be fixed-up good pretty soon. Just mind the holes in the meantime :-)


Jenna St.Hilaire said...

I'll look forward to seeing how it all comes out! It comes so naturally to change outward signs of who we are whenever we feel changes within; I'm interested to see your new look, my friend.

And I still like that chess-piece logo. It looks cool :-)