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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I haven't seen tonight's LOST yet

Through a series of circumstances that were completely unforseen and totally unexpected to happen at all, for the first time ever my lovely wife Lisa has seen a new episode of Lost... and I haven't!

I'm about to go watch it from the DVR. She said it was really good.

EDIT 12:50 AM 4-5-2007: Just wrapped up watching it. Another great ep. Maybe it didn't have all the "wham!" of the past several episodes but this was a fun one that brought closure to some things while opening up a whole bunch of others.

Personally, the most enjoyable part of this episode was what Hurley did with Sawyer. And I've realized something tonight: for all the talk of leadership that Hurley spoke about, it's Hurley who is the real leader of the castaways. From the very beginning, Hurley has gone out of his way to be a servant to his fellow survivors, whether it be making the golf course or creating the diversion of getting the minibus to work again. And tonight we saw Hurley's real wisdom shine: instead of taking the obvious leadership role for himself, he helped Sawyer become that leader instead, in a way that Sawyer probably would never do on his own.

So... what the heck is up with Locke now?

Very good show, this one was.


qemuel said...

Just raed your letter and the numerous responses over at the N&R's site.


Kudos to you for having the courage of your convictions about this, and making a stand. We may not always agree about everything, but we are on the same page when it comes to seeing and fearing the downward spiral.

Later, bro!

qemuel said...

Just READ your letter...geez, I can't spell in my old age. :)