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Monday, April 30, 2007

Ron Price channels spirit of Trotsky in latest show of cockiness

Where is a good icepick when you need it most?It finally dawned on me today: Ron Price really is, unequivocally, a neo-conservative. And "neocons" are the most loathsome political movement in American history, without a doubt. These are people who believe in "the noble lie": that it is perfectly okay to deceive people if the goal in mind is political power. As was proudly boasted in National Review recently, neo-conservatism is an off-shoot of the teachings of Leon Trotsky, who helped bring communism to Russia along with Lenin. Well, neo-conservatism is Trotsky's beliefs in absolute power without apology... coupled with excessive narcissism and feeling of self-importance without regard for others.

Sounds just like confessed thief and disgraced Rockingham County Board of Education member Ron Price, who is now violating his oath of office by suing his opponents for practicing their constitutional rights.

Well, as considerably more than one person told me months ago would happen, Price is letting his sense of power go to his head. Today on his blog he lashes out at local media for spending "a disproportionate amount of time on rumors and gossip". Here's more from his post:

In order for Rockingham County to climb out of its pattern of decline, the attitudes and concerns must shift to an emphasis on creating wealth and away from an emphasis on gossip.

As one looks around the county it is apparent to me that there are organizations in the media that concentrate on emphasizing the negative and even exacerbating the negative to the point of senseless and useless ridicule and cynicism. All the while they are doing this they are pulling attention away from creating wealth and directing it towards gossip and failure.

As we move forward we must all concentrate on the goal of wealth building and allow those organizations that don’t to die out from lack of support. Some of these groups and people are on the wane but may regain strength if the county loses its focus on creating wealth.

Henry County, one of our sister counties to the north in Virginia, share some of the same economic conditions and a common TV station problem as well.

"A common TV station problem as well." That says it all. Price hates WGSR-Star 39 in Reidsville for helping to keep his "sign incident" toward the forefront of most people's minds around here.

He can't own up to his wrongdoing, so once again he's lashing out at his "enemies".

But this time he's attempting to spin this as if those who have tried to hold him accountable are now a threat to the community! According to this latest screed by Ron Price, stations like Star 39 and "independent" media like the Neely Chronicle (and this blog, no doubt) are economic and cultural liabilities that are holding back development in Rockingham County.

Really, Mister Price, I think you are seriously attributing too much power and influence toward me!

This thing about "creating wealth" that Price harps on troubles me. If you were to believe Ron Price, the only thing that we should be concerned with is materialism. He completely glosses-over such matters as simply doing what's right. There are things you can't put a price tag on y'know... like principles.

By the way, in case Ron Price is wondering: I don't like to brag about it, but I am doing my darndest to cultivate a real filmmaking industry in Rockingham County. Something that everyone in this community can have and take pride in. I grew up here. I have real love for this area. It's not like I'm some carpet-bagger from Florida who only blew into town a year ago and hasn't done anything toward promoting the local economy.

Dear Lord, has there ever been a politician in the history of Rockingham County who has tried to frame so much in reference to himself as Ron Price is doing now? Does Ron Price actually believe this is all about "Me Me Me"?!

"The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end."

-- Leon Trotsky

Ron Price really is a student of Trotsky, isn't he? I mean, he can't win any other way, so he's trying to rile up the "proletariat" so that they'll revolt against his political enemies. And if he has to lie and deceive and obfuscate everyone so that he can get his way... well, he doesn't think there's anything wrong with that, does he?

I swear, people like Ron Price make me sick. They're part of the cancer that's eating away at this country. The "SCREW YOU I GOT MINE JACK!" mentality is destroying America, and right here in our own backyard we see it personified in Ron Price.

Why am I so opposed to this man? Because we either do our damndest to stop people like him now, or else we have to tell our children that we didn't stop the bad things from happening when we had the chance. We have to, as Barney Fife so eloquently put it, "nip it in the bud!"

In the meantime, "Ron Protsky" wants to incite revolution. Let us hope that he doesn't get exiled to anywhere that has a surplus of icepicks.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the truth about this incident? You folks are so anxious to crucify someone that you can't remember why Ron said he had pulled the signs up. It isn't as if he went out and did it without provocation. My understanding of the situation was that Ron was replacing signs that had been pulled up by a skilled vandal (who was able to avoid detection). He said he had noticed the signs he had placed for his candidate had been pulled up and thrown in the ditch. He was taking the Miller signs to the DOT drop-off to prevent the vandals from coming back and doing the same thing again. Why don't you ever mention that when you talk about Ron being a thief? What about the vandals who were out pulling up signs without provocation? In addition, it was 6 or 7 signs. Only the ones that had been placed by the vandals who pulled up the signs Ron had placed. That's the way it was originally reported and now you guys have gone on and on about it as if Ron was out looking for trouble. I think of him more as an activist who saw a wrong and attempted to fix it. Now maybe he made a mistake when he chose the method of fixing it. But you guys have gone on about that for way too long. why don't you look now at the job he is doing in the schools? Why do you insist on relentless badgering and continuing to beat a dead horse? Ron Price's case was dismissed in court yet you call him a thief. So when is the last time you copied a CD or DVD from a friend? The Bible is clear on the very fulcrum of its meaning. Look at fixing the plank in your own eye before trying to remove the splinter from your brother's. Point the finger and you have three pointing back at you. Now I understand that we need to be watchful over our servant government but you guys have taken it too far with Ron.

The fact of the matter is that you have taken this one blink of a man's life and made your judgement about that man based on that instant. Poor decision. I am guessing that if you were to look at Ron's commitment and service throughout his life you would see that this incident was probably not the norm for Ron. It is my understanding that Ron gives a great deal of his time, money and energy to the community. The fact that he is continuing to serve on the school board is an example of his commitment. The reason he won the election is because he showed his commitment then as well. Not by cute ads or big speeches, but because he visited every school and showed that he cared about what was going on there. That's why I voted for him. And he continues to serve with great commitment and a very serious attitude toward improving the schools in Rockingham County.

You speak of Constitutional rights and free speech, but where is slander and libel guaranteed in the Constitution? You think that the key to turning the country around from its course towards tyranny is in badgering a man on the school board, making a couple of hundred dollars a month, who was trying to do the right thing and maybe slipped a little? Why don't you look toward Washington D.C. where the scoundrels continue to trash the Constitution and ignore numerous fundamental redresses of grievances from the masses. Check out givemeliberty.org to see how we are fighting many more important battles on the federal level.

Give Ron a chance. We have all made mistakes. Ron's slip up doesn't warrant the crucifixion that he has been sentenced to by some.

Chris Knight said...

Wow, where to begin...

Well, first of all I must say that I am quite impressed with your typing ability as you seem to have entered all that within 2 minutes of coming to the blog.

Price still hasn't bothered to explain why his Vernon Robinson signs were NOT illegally placed, even though they were along the same right of way as the Miller signs.

Ron Price chose to put his political party over his principles, and that is why he is not fit to be on the school board... because he is a very poor role model for our children. Unless you WANT your own child to grow up to be a slick partisan opportunist.

Ron Price has done nothing for Rockingham County. I've been to every school board meeting since his getting sworn-in, save one, and he is by far the least effective and most timid member of the board. The only thing he has really done is sit there with his head cocked back looking smug and arrogant. I've even got it on videotape how he sneered and looked-down upon the people who came to the meeting a few nights ago to speak out against the school uniforms.

And I've got it on good authority that Ron Price is, and I quote, "a real pain in the ass".

I am quite led to believe, based on a number of factors that I'm seeing on this end, that you are Ron Price. If not, you have shown yourself to be at least a blind follower.

Anonymous said...

How's this Chris...

Fast enough Typing for you? You sure do make a lot of judgement calls that are based on....well....nothing. First, you are wrong about me being Ron Price.
Sorry to bust your bubble there. The fact that you think Ron would actually post on your site tells me that you have no clue about who he is. Second, I know Ron and have known him for several years. Despite your assumptions about commitment, Ron works very hard on the board. You have made assumptions based on less than the facts. You are pretty cocky to think that you can observe the meetings and know exactly who is doing what and who is working hard
and who isn't! Ha!

I guess we will find out who is breaking the law when the lawsuit is over. Isn't that where the judicial authority has been delegated anyway? The courts? Of
course there are certain members of the community who would probably take anyone, save Jesus Christ himself, to the firing squad for anything they deemed
to be illegal. And by the way, you never addressed the issue about the truth of the matter in the sign ordeal. What about the guys who vandalized the Robinson
signs and started all of this? I have never read anything from you or any of your comrads even acknowledging what started the whole thing. Those guys were
too cowardly to even come out and apologize for what they did. So you and Richard and Debbie and a few others took up your cause and forgot about the truth. All you could say in your post was something about Ron placing the Robinson signs illegally. Come on Chris!

I am not a hard-core republican. I am more of a Libertarian. Or better still I will call myself a Constitutionalist. I believe that this is not the same great nation our founding fathers sparked to life. I believe that partisan politics and power-thirsty elitists have siezed the very identity of this nation. There are battles being fought on all fronts to save the liberties and re-establish our founding documents and principles as the law of the land. Unconstitutional taxes, a government unwilling
to defend our borders, secret societies and elitist clubs at the highest levels of government, abuses of power, a government on the take from special interest
groups and a plethora of crimes against the people by their government. Let's start with these issues and work our way down. I know you are trying to do good Chris and make a difference. But you need to sit back and evaluate whether you really have a cause or are just causing a man, trying to do the same thing, a lot of harm.

You have chosen the wrong target with Ron Price. You can assume that I am he or try to reveal my identity (even though I'm trusting you in posting anonymously on your website), but that has nothing to do with the issues. When Debbie Moore filed her frivilous lawsuit, why did you not criticize her and Richard? Did you know that Ron had to spend his own money to defend against that malicious attack? Was Debbie or you or Richard under the impression that this was some great patriotic act that would save our nation? Or did you all see it for what it really was? The court thought that the attack was malicious and frivilous if I recall correctly. So now you and Richard and Debbie are above the court's decision? Wow, what does it feel like ot wield such power? Any executions planned for the near term?

Chris, you need to realign yourself with citizens who are trying to make a difference but who are doing it in a constructive way. There are many folks out there fighting for good and they're making a positive difference in their community. Can you name a single positive thing that Richard Moore has done for the community? He criticizes and breaks down a lot of people but what is he doing that's positive? Now I understand that Richard used to be quite a different person and that he may have done some good things. But lately he seems a bitter man wanting only to be destructive and offering nothing to the community but a failed business. Trust me, he is no Patrick Henry either. As much as he and you and your comrads may want to portray the character and purpose of our founding fathers it is not working. You may like to quote Hamilton, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Madison, Mason and the others but I don't think they would approve of what you're doing.

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." ~George Washington

Chris Knight said...

You just don't get it, do you?

Ron Price put his political party in a position above his principles (if he has any).

That completely invalidated his moral position as a public official. It certainly did not establish him any credibility as being a role model for our children.

"What about the guys who vandalized the Robinson signs and started all of this? I have never read anything from you or any of your comrads even acknowledging what started the whole thing."

Excuse me: "...and started of this"?!

Ron Price "started" it when he stole the signs. Price CHOSE to break the law. If the Robinson signs were vandalized, then whoever did it was wrong to have done so and if they were ever caught, they should have been prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.

(Does THAT satisfy you, finally?)

You are effectively stating that one wrong negates out the other. So much for respecting the rule of law...

"As much as he and you and your comrads may want to portray the character and purpose of our founding fathers it is not working. You may like to quote Hamilton, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Madison, Mason and the others but I don't think they would approve of what you're doing."

Quisling would certainly appreciate what you are doing, however.

By the way, you may find this hard to believe but Richard Moore and I disagree on many more things than we do agree on. I won't state what those things are here, but it would no doubt surprise a great many people that we are by no means on the same wavelength regarding several issues. If you're insinuating that there has been some sort of "coordinated effort" between the two of us, then you are greatly mistaken.

But you ask what "positive thing" has Richard Moore done for the community. Personally, I believe that every community in America needs a Richard Moore. If it weren't for people such as he, there would be MANY more corrupt people in government (such as Ron Price) getting away with doing wrong. Even if he is never elected to any office, Rockingham County owes Moore some gratitude for being vigilant for all of these years (however you disagree with how he has conducted himself).

See, that's where Richard Moore and I do agree on something, the only thing that really matters in these proceedings: that we want to see the right thing be done for its own sake. Disagree though that we do on a lot of things, I do respect him for desiring that we be a nation of law and not of men.

By the way, there is more - quite a bit more actually - that I have on Ron Price. There is material that I haven't even hinted at possessing, until this moment. And based on what I've come to know of him, if Ron Price is a respectable man, then I'm the King of England.

"I believe that partisan politics and power-thirsty elitists have siezed the very identity of this nation. There are battles being fought on all fronts to save the liberties and re-establish our founding documents and principles as the law of the land."

Maybe you finally have a sliver of understanding, after all. "Partisan politics and power-thirsty elitists" are precisely why I and others are persisting in this matter.

"There are battles being fought on all fronts..."

Yup, and fighting a school board member who is now violating his oath of office and the Constitution is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Chris, I do get it. You will not acknowledge the fact that Ron didn't start this and that the vandals who pulled up the Robinson signs did. You still will not say anything against them but will continue to depict Ron as a thief. Oh, that's right, they didn't steal anything! They just pulled the signs up, threw them in the ditch and ran over them...You claim that you have more stuff on him but I call you a liar. You don't have anything save false witness that will get you in trouble for libel (Yes, false witness is a crime and not "Freedom of Speech.").

You, like Moore, are a bully looking for a victim. Moore, you say, is needed in every community. I think you would say differently were you the subject of his ridicule and bullying. Of course you could never be that because you have never done anything wrong or at least controversial, right? At least in Moore's eyes anyway, since that's the important thing. He has gone too far with many others in his ridicule over the past few years. And now you are his comrad. Together making mountains over mole hills for the good of society. You take a mistake someone has made and torment them until the next victim comes along.

All I can say is that I am amazed that you think you are doing the right thing with all of this. I am also amazed that you think the Rockingham County School Board is satisfying a lust for political power for any member. You must be smoking something because that is almost laughable. Maybe someday you will understand the truth. Like I said before, the courts, however flawed they may be, will decide who has broken the law. I will send Ron a congratulatory note (as I know many others will) when it is over.

So keep on harassing people like a thorn in the ass, the nation is counting on you for its very survival. I for one will sleep much better tonight knowing that Bumkin and his trusty sidekick, Chis Knight are out protecting society from evil.

Chris Knight said...

"You will not acknowledge the fact that Ron didn't start this and that the vandals who pulled up the Robinson signs did. You still will not say anything against them but will continue to depict Ron as a thief."

There's no point taking this with you any further, because you obviously didn't pay attention to a thing I just wrote.

If you are so adamant in your support for Price, why don't YOU step forward and let the public know who you are and that you are behind him. Because this kind of "anonymous support" is really quite empty and worthless, if you seriously believe that Price is someone to champion.

Go on, do it! Start your own blog. You can call it "Chris Knight is a Thorn in the Ass", as you put it. I don't care. Then take me to task to your heart's content... if you think you can. I've got no problem with staking my name to a cause that I believe in and something that I believe is worth fighting...

...can YOU say the same thing?

And it's spelled "comrade" with an "e".

By the way, it's quite well known that I supported Ron Price before the election. That was when I trusted that he had a good character. I endorsed him to many people. And then he becomes a thief...

...am I to just remain silent and let people take that as a continued endorsement of the man? Would YOU do that?

I doubt it. Just as much as I doubt that you will come out and publicly endorse him now.

Unknown said...

Bad boy, bad boy, what's Ron P. gonna do when a court validates citizens' rights to call a thief a thief?

Somebody is going to be very embarrassed...again.

Anonymous said...


I know there are things one says and does he can never take back, but what would you be if you didn't even try. You have to try. So after much consideration and contemplation I have to say you were right and I was wrong...

...there is an "e" in "comrade."

Chris Knight said...

"I know there are things one says and does he can never take back, but what would you be if you didn't even try. You have to try."

Yes, no doubt.

But after wrongdoing, there must be accountability. Or else there is no rule of law.

That is especially true of those involved with the public trust.

You of all people should know that, yes?