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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech massacre proves: we need more guns

I'm absolutely damned serious about that.

Or let me put it another way: a situation like this proves that we need more citizens walking around who are carrying guns.

No, I'm not advocating all-out anarchy here. But how far would Cho Seung-Hui (that's the name of the Virginia Tech killer in case you haven't heard) have gotten if just one other person in the vicinity had a gun yesterday morning?

I hate to be the one to break the news about this, but: we live in a hopeless, broken world. Man's efforts to make it a perfect place have utterly failed. It's impossible to achieve the "utopia" that some dream of. Yes, it would be wonderful if we could all get along and be kind to one another and not be hurtful or exploitive of our fellow man. There are some of us who do believe that. But there are also plenty of others who don't consider the lives of others with that kind of sanctity. Cho Seung-Hui seems to have been one of them.

What do we do about them, if the law has proven incapable of reigning them in?

If law and government is no longer sufficient in maintaining a civil order, then it falls to regular citizens to enforce that civility.

Three things are needed on the part of those citizens. First: a good conscience, particularly a good conscience before God. Second: the will to act upon that conscience. And third: the means to enforce the right to conscience while itself being reigned in by conscience.

In other words: a model citizen must be one who realizes that he is empowered to carry deadly force, who actively does possess deadly force, and also understands that with this right comes terrible responsibility. So much so that he or she will not actively seek to employ it.

Now imagine a large segment of the population that believes in such a thing as absolute right and wrong, and understands it well enough that its individuals are willing to carry firearms as a last resort against acts of evil.

Wouldn't those who contemplate evil be a lot less likely to carry out their actions, knowing that they stood a far greater chance of being killed before they could accomplish their goals to the fullest?

How many people would Cho Seung-Hui have been content to kill if yesterday morning he knew he would probably be taken down that much sooner by someone with a gun?

There are going to be some who will scream for more gun control laws, in the wake of this tragedy. Tell me: how much gun-related violence have gun laws prevented? The people who use guns to carry out these evil acts don't give a damn about gun laws. If they want a gun, they are going to be able to find one no matter what.

The only thing that will stop evil people with guns, is to have a lot more good people with guns.

Maybe if there were more good people with guns, then this country and its government would not be as screwed-up as it is.


Anonymous said...

Yep, totally agree. If more people were armed, it might be a little messy at first... but it would eventually cool off to where people would think twice before doing incredibly awful things to others.

Anonymous said...

Youre crazy. gun laws do help. USA is the country where there are the most murders with guns per people and by very far. Its also the country where its the most easy to find a gun

Chris Knight said...

Kennesaw, Georgia just celebrated 25 years without a single murder. 25 years ago, the town made it law that every homeowner have a gun. Per your logic "anonymous" (how is the weather in Montreal, by the way?), Kennesaw should be the murder capital of America. Yet it is one of the safest towns anywhere.

Guns are not evil. A gun is an inanimate piece of metal. A tool. The problem is not the tool in the hand, but the mind that directs the hands. Too often we refuse to address the problem of man's fallen nature and instead throw blame on a neutral object that has nothing at all to do with man's nature.

And it is because of man's capacity for evil, that requires good people to have the means to defend themselves.

"Gun laws do help"? Germany under Hitler had some of the strictest anti-gun laws in history. Those laws were used to dis-arm the Jews so that they would be easier to round up and kill.