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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ben, DHARMA, the Purge... and Jacob: Answers galore promised on tonight's LOST

Ever since Lost came back from its three-month hiatus in February, just about every episode has been stunningly perfect. And for the last several weeks especially, the show has been on a huge hot streak. I'm hearing that the revelation of what happened to Locke in "The Man from Talahassee" is being widely considered as the best television moment of the past season. 'Course, that might have been before the Sawyer/Cooper confrontation in "The Brig" last week.

Well, tonight's episode is titled "The Man Behind the Curtain". And this time the subject of the flashbacks is going to be... Benjamin Linus. AKA "Henry Gale" when he was held captive by the castaways last season.

A flood of answers are supposed to be coming out of tonight's episode. Indications are that we are finally going to learn about the DHARMA Initiative and how it came to the island and what happened after. A lot of reports say that the Purge and what it was exactly is going to be shown. We might be seeing a lot of Ben's life from childhood up to the present day.

And then there is Jacob. Tonight we're finally going to see "him": the one called "the man in charge", the "brilliant man", the "magnificent man". Jacob: the one who made the list. The one who apparently cured Juliet's sister of cancer. Who is he? What is he? Tonight, we will know. But this snippet from producer Damon Lindelof certainly has me stoked that much more:

"And more importantly, we meet Jacob - the elusive, unseen, presumed leader of The Others - for the first time. And this is a character who is every bit of significance to our universe as the Emperor was to the Star Wars universe: a character that you didn't get to meet until The Return of the Jedi but was referred to all through the preceding films. Jacob is a guy who is going to have a very significant ongoing sort of story value in our show."

As always, expect a post with some thoughts about the episode after it's aired/broadcast/run on cable/colorcasted/whatever.