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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Immediate reaction to tonight's LOST "Greatest Hits"

This ain't television. This is high art.

"Greatest Hits" didn't have the shock value that "The Man from Tallahassee" or some of the other more recent episodes did, but it was definitely one of the saddest episodes of Lost ever. I will admit to feeling more than a little choked-up at how Charlie was preparing for the inevitable...

...and then the last few seconds happen, and not for the first time this season an ep leaves us thinking "Okay NOW what?!? We didn't see THIS coming!"

Good to see Bernard and Rose again. And lo and behold, the dentist is pretty handy with a rifle! 'Bout time he saw some real action.

How many DHARMA hatches are there? I'd thought that the "underwater" one would have been the Hydra. This raises the count of known DHARMA stations to 7 (when the orientation film said there were 6). And didja notice that as Charlie was diving down, that the DHARMA logo for the Looking Glass station is a white rabbit?

Ben is now, at last, officially the Jim Jones of Lost Island. The thing I can't figure out is, what exactly is driving him? There's some obsession at work in the guy. Richard looked worried.

I wouldn't want to be caught in between Rousseau and whatever the heck it is she's giving that hard stare at.

Gonna have to watch this again tomorrow and let it sink in more. But if tonight was any indication, after next week's finale I think we're all gonna need that eight-month hiatus!