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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Limbaugh: "I alone have the power" to pick nominee, accuses Paul supporters of spamming

Once upon a time, I was a "dittohead". I discovered Rush Limbaugh not long out of high school: first from his syndicated TV show and then his radio show (which I listened to religiously). I read his books, I phoned and faxed my reps whenever he said we needed to make our voices heard... heck I was even a caller on his show one day in December 1993.

Thank the Lord that I came to my senses.

I still have my copies of The Way Things Ought To Be and See, I Told You So, along with other relics from the strange days of my youth. Back when I couldn't see past the two-party fraud. By the time The Matrix came out in '99 I had already taken the proverbial Red Pill and started seeing the way things really are in this world. Like, how people like Limbaugh aren't so much interested in pursuing a righteous cause as they are with feeding their inflated egos. And I've come to realize something else: that the ones who insist on perpetrating this Democrat/Republican "either/or" sham do so for the primary reason of exploiting America instead of serving her.

Limbaugh has said some things over the years that have confirmed my later beliefs about him, but this one tops them all: Rush Limbaugh has declared that he will be the one who decides who the Republican nominee is... and that it definitely won't be Ron Paul. Then he accused Paul's supporters with "spamming" the post-debate polls so as to inflate their candidate's popularity figures...

Limbaugh's remarks came today during his analysis of last night's GOP presidential debate in South Carolina, as a caller urged Rush to throw his support behind Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, as the caller claimed Paul was the most conservative of the field of candidates.

"I don't think Congressman Paul has a snowball's chance," Limbaugh said.

"You have the power yourself to make him the Republican nominee," the caller responded.

"That is very true, and that is why I must exercise this power responsibly, not as a cheerleader," said Limbaugh, "which is why I'm not picking a name right now. I alone have the power to move the [Republican] base."

But we all know that he would never pick Ron Paul, or any other candidate who believes in adherence to the Constitution. Rush Limbaugh is now nothing more than a mouthpiece for the status quo. For all his long-standing boasting of being "the new media", he has only proven that he is not much different than "the old media" and just as corrupt. And like the old media, he knows that his stature would be direly threatened as never before if someone as serious-minded as Ron Paul came into the Oval Office and began rocking the boat.

Once again, it's a case of the press wanting to be lazy.

Somebody please 'splain to me how it is that Limbaugh is now supposed to be better than "the liberal media".