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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Moments after LOST Season 3 finale ...


I need to say, so that everyone will know, that Lisa was the first here to figure out what was really happening in that last scene. When... that person... got out of the car, that completely threw me for a loop, 'cuz that made NO sense at all. It wasn't until the very final seconds that Lisa told me what was going on and everything just "clicked" into place.

It's been a long day and I need to hit the sack. I'm going to post more about this tomorrow. But I couldn't end tonight without giving Lisa credit for being the first here to understand what we were actually seeing.

That might have been the finest two hours of televised fiction that I've ever seen. And most of this past season of Lost was already, in my opinion, some of the finest storytelling I'd seen in this medium.

Just... amazing.

By the way, Hurley totally ruled in this episode!

More tomorrow. After it's sunk in.

This is gonna be one long torturous wait until next winter.


Lee Shelton said...

Of course! The flash-forward! How could I have missed it?

The great about it was the fact that we were seeing the "twist" unfold for two whole hours without realizing it.

Chris Knight said...

That was an even bigger/better-executed twist than what happened in The Sixth Sense. All that time people kept calling Jack a "hero", and it seemed like they were referring to his saving that woman and her son... but it wasn't. It was for something else.

Everything about this episode was beautifully orchestrated. We cried, we cheered, we laughed some... and then we were blown away.

More thoughts later, after I'm good and awake :-)