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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ron Paul for President ... or no one

I have made a choice regarding this blog. It involves the one guy running for President who I don't feel dirty or diminished in the least bit for coming out in support of (which cannot be said for the vast majority of the candidates from the previous elections including the front-runners from both major parties)...

The Knight Shift proudly announces that it is supporting Ron Paul for President in 2008.

As a political unaffiliated, I cannot say how much that I am delighted that Dr. Paul is in this race. He is a true believer in the Constitution and limited government, an opponent of the present system of income tax, a proponent of strong borders, one who came out in opposition to the war in Iraq, and he's a very original and deep thinker who never fails to articulate his point with needle precision. He also has real military experience, having served as a doctor in the Air Force.

Why am I coming out and doing this only now with my blog, after writing here so many times how much I believe Dr. Paul is one of the very few people in politics that I trust? It has to do with the media blackout that a lot of the mainstream outlets like ABC and Fox News, and now apparently some "new media" sources such as Yahoo! News and even MySpace, are attempting to pull. If more Americans knew about Dr. Paul and what he stands for, there would be a serious threat to the status quo that the two major parties and their lackeys in the media have worked to maintain for all of these years. Yes, Dr. Paul is a registered Republican... but he has truly demonstrated that above all else, he is an American citizen who only wants to see the right thing be done in every situation. So in whatever way that I can, I'm going to help spread the word about Ron Paul and his candidacy... and to hell with Faux News and its kind.

It's like this: I'm supporting Ron Paul for President... or I'm supporting no one. And if he's not on the ballot come November 2008, then I'm not going to vote for anyone for President at all. Unless there's a third-party candidate who I'd also come to believe strongly in on the ballot also. But I've had it with the Democrat and Republican elites telling this country to bend over and get screwed without lubricant. They've had their shot and they blew it. Time for some adults to take charge of America for once (after eight years of being "led" by a damaged man-child, anything looks good).

Click here for the Ron Paul Revolution. And if you want a sense of the good vibe that's coming out of this campaign, check this out: the "Ron Paul Revolution Reloaded"...


gabe said...

I love what your doing.I'm a libertarian type ron Paul supporter. I have to believe that with your skill set you'd be able to make a pretty good promo video on the level of the barack obama apple video.

My comments on Ron Paul were amongst the deleted comments from the ABC website even though I use nothing but the most respectful language. If you do make a video I can help spread it, I'm quite sure.

Chris Knight said...

Dear Gabe,
A video is in the works :-) Thanks for the kind words!

Eric H. Smith said...

I lived in his Congressional District in Texas and I also am a Ron Paul Supporter.