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Friday, May 04, 2007

Song parody: "MacArthur Park 2007" (illegal aliens rioting)

With apologies to Jimmy Webb and the late Richard Harris, but I just couldn't resist writing this one. Inspired by events of the past few days...

"MacArthur Park 2007"

Originally written by Jimmy Webb and performed by Richard Harris

New words by Christopher Knight

Border is wide open for them girl
They're starting to get bold
As they scream their Spanish chants
Now they incite a riot as they press
The government to bow down
To La Raza's mad demands

MacArthur Park is burning in the dark
All those rubber bullets flying 'round
Gonzo's hot to find someone to blame
This country just can't take it
Illegals are going to break it
And we'll never have America again
Oh noooooooo!

I can see unlawful immigrants
Fighting with the cops
Of Los Angeles P-D
Better put a stop to this right now or
They'll be spreading from sea to shining sea

MacArthur Park is burning in the dark
While the country goes on crumbling down
Lawless immigration is insane
Taxpayers can't afford it
But elitists just adore it
'Cuz they'll never pay high salary again
Oh noooooooo!

There will be no other job for me
For I have lost it
American dream is dead to me
Illegal took it
And still they come like an angry swarm
While they threaten us with drunk driving and their guns
And of all the bad things in my life
And the things causing so much strife
This is the worst one

MacArthur Park is burning in the dark
All those aliens are running 'round
What the hell is wrong with Bush's brain?
No other way to say it
Real Americans will hate it
If politicians give amnesty again
Oh noooooooo!
Oh noooooo-oooooooooooo!