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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tonight's LOST: musings about "The Brig"

Lisa usually turns in before Lost starts at 10 p.m., meaning that I watch it and then we see it together the following afternoon from the DVR. But tonight she got drawn in by the first few minutes of "The Brig" and couldn't let go. So we got to see it first-run together. It just finished a short while ago...

John Locke may be the greatest tragic figure to come out of television of the past twenty years. You know what I keep thinking about, after watching this episode? It's that as much as Locke has wanted to be unlike his father, he has now become too much like his father.

Sawyer has lately been turning into one of my favorite characters, because of how he has been changing and growing. We've been seeing a real seeking of redemption and want of a new life out of Sawyer. He's had that new life. And then Locke has to destroy that life, just as the original Sawyer (I'm trying hard not to spoil anything here) ruined young James Ford's life.

That scene where it all comes crashing down together... you know what I mean if you watched it... that was genuinely painful to watch. I sure didn't feel any satisfaction out of that scene. I felt like a very horrible thing had been made to happen and I really can't say that I blame either Locke or Sawyer for it.

If nobody had a good enough reason to hate Ben before tonight, there sure is now.

Lots of answers in this one. In true Lost style, almost as many new mysteries in "The Brig". And there's a real sense that everything is converging hard and fast and when they meet... it's not going to be pretty.

Three more episodes left in Season 3. Next week: Ben's flashback episode. The early days of the DHARMA Initiative. And at long last... Jacob. "The Man Behind the Curtain" airs in exactly 166.5 hours!