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Thursday, May 17, 2007

TRANSFORMERS trailer hits Yahoo!

In spite of the problems that I've heard this movie has had/will have, I must say that this trailer rocks the house. 'Course, I've seen plenty of awesome trailers for movies that when they finally arrived in theaters, were total letdowns (I would even say that the "teaser" a year ago for Spider-Man 3 promised a lot more than what that movie actually yielded). So this could go either way... but for what it's worth, I really am hoping to be more than pleasantly surprised with Transformers. Watching this tidbit of it does give me a feeling of some optimism (or should that be "Optimus"? :-).

Mash down here for the exclusive trailer at Yahoo!


AfterShock said...

Here's to hoping it lives up to the potential that Trailer showed us! :) Tentatively giving it a thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Autobots, Transform and roll out!

Anonymous said...

Did you know you got your wish? Last Week PBS started playing Doctor Who. Saturday nights at 11pm :)

Chris Knight said...

What?? For real?? That's great!!! Except I can never again do "that joke" every year at pledge-drive time, LOL :-) Thanks for the info bro!