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Saturday, June 02, 2007

For whatever it's worth...

Just some musings to close out this past week on:
- Andrew Speaker might have spread a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis among thousands of people during his plane trips across Europe and into America. That's one guy carrying TB who got caught. Has anyone noticed all the stories coming out lately about cases of TB breaking out in the southwestern states?

- Speaking of the border situation, I've heard from people in Mexico during the past few days: the situation there is much, much worse than anything we are reading in the "mainstream" news. "Civil war" and "revolution" could be used interchangeably among the reports that have come here.

- Also about the border situation: President Bush dares to claim that those of us who want the border secured are unpatriotic and un-American. I dare say that President Bush is a traitor for letting our border be overrun. I'll hazard to guess that I've got the more substantiated claim.

- The only reason that the Republican bigwigs are going gah-gah over Fred Thompson is that in their eyes Thompson is the only one who can effectively counter the soaring popularity of Ron Paul. If Ron Paul were to even win the nomination, it would be a death knell toward everything the bosses of both major parties have been inflicting on America for the better part of sixty years now... if not more.

- May was one of the bloodiest months for American military forces since this very foolish war was started over four years ago. At this point it should be clear to all but the most obtuse: there is no "winning a victory" out of this situation. There is no chance of a viable unified Iraqi society arising from our continued presence there. In hindsight the thing that should have been done was for the Iraqi people to have taken matters into their own hands: either arising on their own to depose Saddam or waiting until his death. As it is now, the American presence is only there to stave off societal degradation... and it's not working.

I'm taking off for the rest of the weekend. Have some projects to work on, and a few new movies to watch (namely Casino Royale and Pan's Labyrinth). In the meantime, have a good 'un!