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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Illegals amnesty dead in Senate (but could still come back)

It's down for now, but it sounds like the bastitches trying to push this through are gonna come back around for another pass.

This bill is just one more indication why Ted Kennedy is about 40 years past any real usefulness in the Senate (if that much).


Anonymous said...

Here is the bill congress should pass.
1. Whatever it takes to close our borders today. The President is require to use any and all means to close all of our borders. Even with the use of military force. This includes ports, and sea or plane landing.
2. All Illegal now in the country may remind on a at will visa. Unless they have criminal records. Those with criminal records are to be deported at once. All current Illegals 90 days to register . Failure to do so will mean they are to be deported at once with no chance of ever returning, however they will not be made citizens nor or have a chance to be come citizens unless they return home and apply like everyone else. Their families members are under the same law and will not be allowed to come here. Unless they have a visa.
3. Any criminal activity here or abroad will be cause for removal from the United States, other then minor driving.
4. The form I-9 is to be turned in with 7 business days of a hire. The government is inform business within 30 days if the I-9 has a problem. Both the government and business have 60 days to resolve the problem. Failure to do is cause to fire the federal employee. Business will be fined $10,000 dollars, and $10,000, added for each failure thereafter.
5. All deportation courts are closed.
That's it, every thing else can be worked out later.