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Friday, June 01, 2007

Reason enough to not support Fred Thompson for President

From this article:
The former Senator supports low taxes and free trade. On May 13, 2007 he told the ABC radio audience that "[Globalization] works to our benefit. We innovate more and invest in that innovation better than anywhere else in the world. Same thing goes for services, which are increasingly driving our economy. Free trade and market economies have done more for freedom and prosperity than a central planner could ever dream and we're the world's best example of that."
Thompson says he is for low taxes (having NO income tax would be a far better position however) and control of the border. But I've seen more than enough damage done by "globalization" over the past fifteen years to know to steer clear and away from anyone who thinks it's supposed to be a virtue.

Didn't anyone learn anything from NAFTA?


Anonymous said...

Globalization doesn't sound good to me either. I think it's time America starts doing more things internally and lets other countries fend for themselves a little more.

A completely isolationist stance is probably too unrealistic at this point, but I'd like to see a semi-isolationist stance.

For instance, I was thinking just recently how it would be nice if America went with a 10 x 10% plan. Every 1 to 4 years we pick 10 things for which we're going to decrease our involvement and financial contribution in by just 10%, such as the UN, international military presence, aid for other countries, etc. Then we pick 10 domestic things to put that money & resources back into, such as schools, health care, roads, crime prevention, tax cuts for domestically produced goods & services, modernizing & innovating government resources (such as smarter alternatives to the no-fly list and better immigration tracking), etc.

I'm not too politically minded, so maybe that idea is too simplistic or idealistic, but I don't think we can solve all our problems *and* solve the rest of the world's problems at the same time. We can continue to try, but when it comes to our own people on our own soil, we need to try harder.