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Friday, July 13, 2007

Audio clips from the Board of Education meeting this past week

Here's the report that I filed a few days ago about the meeting of the Rockingham County Board of Education this past Monday night, during which the board voted 7-3 (with 2 abstaining) to rescind their vote in April that would have mandated school uniforms at Reidsville Middle and Reidsville High schools. Richard Moore has posted some audio clips - including one that encompasses ALL of the public comments - on his site. Here are the links to the clips, in Windows Media format...
- Opponents of Standard Mode Of Dress speak out against the policy and urge the board to rescind the vote

- Board member Ron Price berates POTSMOD (People Opposed To Standard Mode Of Dress) and TV station WGSR as being "bad for the community" and blames them for changing people's minds

- Board member Herman Hines shares his thoughts about school dress policy


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