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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The bicycle thief

Sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, someone stole my bicycle. I'd only had it for just less than a year.

That's probably the last I'll ever see of it. When I found that it was missing I called the Reidsville Police Department and they sent an officer over promptly to look into it. He said they'd keep an eye out for it and I don't doubt that they will ... but all the same, by this evening I'm fairly accepting that it's gone for good.

Whatever happened to the thing called "honor"? You know: the concept that you are supposed to do what's right even when there's nobody around to see you doing it. Or does such a thing even matter anymore?

Geez, can you believe how naïve I sound now? I mean, I live in a county where school board members demonstrate to children that it's okay to steal things that don't belong to them. And that's the kind of example that's set all over this country, from small offices to the Oval Office. This sort of thing should not only be expected, it's practically a rule of modern life.

Losing my bicycle bothered me most of this past day. But I realized that there are worse things that could happen. There are people I know who are going through much worse than the loss of a $130 bicycle. A bicycle can always be replaced ... but there are some things in life that can't be.

My friend Johnny helped me remember that tonight on our way to see Transformers: my fourth time seeing it and his very first (he liked it a lot by the way :-).

As for whoever stole the original, I hope that they are happy with it. They probably think themselves as pretty smart for pulling it off, but that is most likely the limit of the satisfaction that they'll ever find in this world. People who steal things from other people like that not only lack honor, they lack conscience. I would even argue that they lack a full and complete soul. They'll probably never demonstrate that they can be fully what God intended them to be.

I'm going to get another bicycle: a better one, even. And I'll be using it as if nothing had happened with the first. I mean, it's just a bicycle: it's not like I'm going to go on some insane cross-country quest to the basement of the Alamo, is it?


Anonymous said...

Question: Where did you leave the bike when it was stolen? Outdoors?

(My Brother had bikes stolen from him, twice. Once when he chained it in front of the supermarket. When he came out, it was gone. The second time was when he left it on the front lawn of a friends house while he went inside. He wasnt gone for a minute or two when he came back outside and the bike was gone. Neither bike was recovered.)

"I'm going to get another bicycle: a better one, even."

Have a video camera cover thsis one. If the bike gets stolen, you;ve got a great video for sale :-). You'll be able to afford a dozen bikes. Oh, and make sure the video camera is hidden. You dont want that stolen as well as your bike :-)

qemuel said...

"Exactly! I bought this pen one hour before my bike was stolen. Why? What's the significance? I don't know!"

That sucks, man. People always get what they earn, so hopefully the thief will get so much enjoyment out of the bike that he/she realizes he/she is wanker and turns their life around.

Otherwise, what goes around, goes around...