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Monday, July 09, 2007

BREAKING: School uniforms RESCINDED! Board of Education overwhelmingly retreats on SMOD at Reidsville schools

I just got home. I am feeling quite rank after wearing a full Jedi Knight costume since 4 this afternoon.

Here's the quick tally: with 7 "yes" votes, 3 "no" votes and 2 abstaining, the Rockingham County Board of Education rescinded the Standard Mode Of Dress - the euphemism for mandatory uniforms - at Reidsville Middle School and Reidsville High School this coming school year.

Sometimes, the good guys do win one.

More later. First I've got to eat and shower and probably go to Wal-Mart to pick up some Gatorade so I can restore some electrolytes :-)

Full report, including lots of pics, real real soon!

EDIT 07-10-2007 4:30 a.m. EST: The report isn't quite finished. Part of it is capturing/encoding video of the news coverage that this got, so it can be embedded as YouTube clips. I'm going to get a few hours sleep, and then come back and finish this up. Expect a complete report, maybe around 10 or so this morning.


Jenna St.Hilaire said...

I just got your message--congratulations!!!! It's so good to hear, especially after all the effort you put into this one--and you really did. After all the struggle and discouragement, to have it turn out like this is just fabulous.

Can't wait for this full report, especially the pics :-D Did you get a good group in costume?

Ah, I'm so glad. I hope you're feeling very encouraged right now :-)

qemuel said...


AfterShock said...

Excellent! Glad to hear they finally listened to the people that got them elected in the first place! :)


Anonymous said...

here you go:

Anonymous said...

So thankful the board totally rescinded SMOD. I hope the SMOD issue will never show it's face again in Reidsville or any other school in Rockingham County. Thank you Chris, for all of your hard work and dedication!