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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Clip of VH1's WEB JUNK 2.0 featuring my school board ad (and a nice mention by The Heritage Foundation)

A few days ago was when I first heard that Web Junk 2.0 on VH1, in an episode titled "Animals & Other Crap", had a segment featuring my first school board commercial. Here's the clip, which includes some pretty hilarious commentary by Web Junk 2.0 host Aries Spears (I was literally in the floor laughing while watching and listening to his witty remarks) ...

Speaking of the school board ad, Tom Finnigan at The Heritage Foundation had some really nice things to say about it on the foundation's blog two days ago...

The ad has been featured on VH1's Web Junk 2.0 and in The New York Times, Raleigh News & Observer, and The Charlotte Observer. Knight deserves kudos for promoting a fiscally conservative message to a diverse audience in a novel and entertaining way. Judging by the almost 60,000 views and overwhelmingly positive comments, it's possible that Knight has done more for his cause with a cheesy one-minute clip than he could have done by serving on the school board.
Y'know, if given the choice between winning a seat and being able to reach possibly a lot of people about why stuff like No Child Left Behind should be fought hard against, I would take doing my best to get the message out over the win any day. In the long run, it's going to be things like that, that make the biggest difference for the best. Anyways, thanks for the kind words Tom! And thanks for the good laugh Aries :-)


Anonymous said...

High-Larry- Us!

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Speaking of light sabers:


Anonymous said...

Good work on coming up with such an original, viral marketing campaign for your electoral bid.

Hopefully you run in the next election so you can reap the fruits of this burgeoning public relations story!