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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Darth Larry and Jenna have already finished THE DEATHLY HALLOWS

Darth Larry phoned me about 2 this afternoon to tell me that he had finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows already. He was helping with the festivities at Borders last night (report and pics coming soon) and he said that they got everyone in line taken care of within an hour and 15 minutes. Then he went home and started plowing through the book.

Now comes word that Jenna Olwin has finished reading the book, too.

I am just now getting to Chapter 16 on page 311. I started reading the book as soon as I got home early this morning, then got some sleep starting at about 5, slept 'til 10 and then took another nap 'til noon. And I'm going slow with this book: I want to savor every bit of it, as much as I can, because this really is the final one. I want the experience to linger out a bit.

I should finish sometime later this evening. In the meantime, congrats to Darth Larry and Jenna (and probably a few others that I know have finished it by now too no doubt :-)