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Friday, July 27, 2007

First good pic of Joker from THE DARK KNIGHT

You won't buh-leeeve what it took an army of geeks - both online and in the real world at Comic-Con in San Diego - to find that image. Read this article and the associated talkback on Ain't It Cool News for an idea of what went down in the last little while.

Other than the fact that it looks like the whiteface is painted on instead of his skin being bleached white, I really like this look for Heath Ledger as the Joker. So far, it's looking good for next summer's The Dark Knight.

Oh and I might be able to post a link to a Quicktime teaser for the movie soon too ... if I can find the right link.

EDIT 12:36 a.m. 07-28-2007: The teaser is up at whysoserious.com, the link that started this twisted scavenger hunt. Thanks to Phillip Arthur for spotting it!


qemuel said...

I have a link posted on my blog for the teaser, Chris! Check it out and tell me what you think!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this movie. I think Heath will do a good job and think Maggie will be much better than Katie. Just the music gets me geared up. I love the soundtrack to Batman Begins.

Chris Knight said...

The soundtrack for Batman Begins is one of the all-time best movie scores ever. I love every track on it but I *really* love Molossus: the music from the Batmobile chase scene. Every time that one comes up on the MP3 player while in the car I always wind up going about 10 miles extra over the speed limit :-P

Ledger is going to "get" the Joker, in the way that the Joker has never been rightly done before. His voice in the teaser is enough to make me a believer.