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Friday, July 06, 2007

I finally tried Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce

A few days ago I wrote about how last week I finally came into possession of a bottle of Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce: reputedly one of the most fiery hot sauces on the market... if not the most fiery. It's been sitting in our kitchen this whole time with the seal still unbroken on the bottle.

Well, this afternoon Lisa did some grocery shopping and she bought some Pace Chunky Salsa (medium flavor). Since you're only supposed to use Dave's Insanity sauces in well-diluted portions of whatever you are planning to eat, I decided this would be a good a time as any to try the sauce. I got a plate, poured out a helping of Pace salsa, and then finally opened the Dave's Ultimate Insanity up and poured one tiny drop of the stuff onto the salsa. I mixed it all up really well with a spoon. Then I got some tortilla chips and commenced to dipping and eating.

Folks, whatever reputation that Dave's Ultimate Insanity has, it is well earned. After the first bite, I thought the salsa tasted different than it usually does: it tasted much better. I enjoyed the flavor for about ten seconds and then my tongue started roasting. Somebody in the last day or so had warned me that you don't feel it immediately, that it takes several seconds for the sensation to hit. And boy, did it ever! This is definitely the hottest condiment that I have ever sampled in my entire life.

But it wasn't really unpleasant by any stretch. After you get over the initial shock and eat some more, Dave's Ultimate Insanity is pretty good. But it does have its consequences. My mouth was still burning about two hours after finishing the plate of tortillas and salsa. And Dave's Ultimate Insanity can also boast of being quite effective at clearing out your sinuses if they're feeling stuffy from pollen. Usually whenever I'm particularly overcome with allergy I order a Papa John's pizza loaded with tomato sauce and that clears me right out. Now I know that I can use Dave's Ultimate Insanity for the same effect.

I'm seriously thinking of mixing a drop or two of this with garlic butter marinade when I do deep-fried turkey come Thanksgiving. It might add a pretty neat kick to it.

So there ya go: I gave Dave's Ultimate Insanity a try, and I liked it. Worth recommending... but please be careful when handling and pouring this stuff!