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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Online petition for CD of Jablonsky's TRANSFORMERS score

I just set up the Transformers score by Steve Jablonsky CD online petition.


Here are some of the comments that people have made on this post and on its followup in recent days ...

"I love original score to movies and Transformers caught my ear as soon as the movie got 20 minutes in. Im hoping they release an original score soundtrack, if they don't, it would be a crime."

"Yup, I absolutely LOVED the score and I'm dying for it to come out! I've seen the movie twice, and I would absolutely go again just to listen to the score!"

"i saw it 3 times and the last two where just to listen to the score. i am a very big movie score kind of guy and i have to say it was the best on e out of any that i have heard in any movie. It set the mood and struck the emotional attachment to what was going on during the movie better than any score iv heard. i would put it up there with brave heart and Gettysburg. i definitely will be buying it when it come out"

"I hope the reason they are taking so long releasing it, is that they are perfecting it. Although, it was soooo wicked in the movie, its good enough!!!The autobots arrival scene gave me chills..."

"I'll put my vote in for the score as well, and my money. If it comes out I'll buy it."

"I got here doing the same thing, Looking for the score. The movie was awesome, seen it twice and the Score is EPIC."

"I know! I from sweden im also looking for the Score to transformers 2007."

"I agree with all of you 100% The score was fanominal. Particualy the Autobots arrival and Bumblebee's capture. I've seen the movie about five times now, and everytime i hear that music i get a lump in my throat. Truely amazeing, I can't wait."

"I've seen the movie 4 times myself and I absolutely love it. I too wish to have the true score of the movie. The soundtrack they released is okay, but the score would be awesome. I love the parts when the Autobots arrive and when the military men are fighting Scorponuk. Here's hoping."

"i agree the score in this movie is off the chain
i really hope they come out with the score soundtrack"

At least three people have told me personally that part of the reason they have gone back to watch Transformers again, is to hear the orchestral soundtrack by Steve Jablonsky.

This blog continues to get slammed with hits that, when I check the logs, are from folks who are doing Google searches for variations of "transformers", "score", "jablonsky", "cd" and the like. In fact, I would say that right now, out of the several hundred visits this blog currently gets per day, maybe 60-80 percent are from people looking for information - any at all - on a Transformers score album.

I can't say enough how much it looks like from this end that there is a demand for this CD.

Now, we know from SoundtrackNet that a score album is "in the works", and no doubt that I'm joining a lot of people who are thankful to hear that. So yeah I know: what's the point of petitioning for something that's supposed to be coming out anyway?

The purpose of this petition is to underline how much we really do want this outstanding orchestral score. As much as we enjoy having the soundtracks of the Star Wars movies and The Lord of the Rings in our collections, we would love to have Steve Jablonsky's score for Transformers among them. And we not only want this album, but we believe that this is a score that deserves a lot of care and attention be lavished on its production.

Here's the link to the petition again. Feel free to sign and pass it around, if you feel so led :-)


Anonymous said...

"Jablonsky's TRANSFORMERS score"


(Obscure Married With Children Reference. The Sam Kinison Christmas Episode)

qemuel said...

Consider me #10 on your petition, mijo!

Anonymous said...

Just thought you'd like to know, a second petition calling for the reissue of the Transformers score has been started:


Please spread the word.