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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saw TRANSFORMERS again this afternoon

Don't know if I'll see it more times than I saw Independence Day in the theater when it came out, but I caught Transformers (here's my original review) again this afternoon at the Grande in Greensboro and this movie... just keeps getting better and better! Think that after you give your brain a few days to absorb the "shock and awe" of the first time seeing it, that you can relax and enjoy it a bit more the next time. Once again, I almost cried at the scene where the Autobots come together for the first time: I definitely think that's a beautifully orchestrated sequence, made all the more powerful by the awesome musical score by Steve Jablonsky (I will gladly buy this background score CD the day it comes out... if it comes out at all, still no word on that).

Something that should be noted: Transformers seems to be attracting a very wide-range of people in to see it. Of course there were the late-20s/early-30s types that grew up with the original Transformers toys. But at both showings I've seen quite a lot of younger people and folks considerably older: like, old enough to be their parents and grandparents.

On the subject of Transformers, I'm seeing that a lot of people are trying to see some kind of political message one way or another with this movie. The same thing happened with 300 a few months ago and I thought it was silly then. It's even more ludicrous now. Some are saying they'll swear-off seeing this movie because supposedly it's "liberal crap". I don't know where the heck they get this notion from: the scene where the President wants some Ding-Dongs, perhaps? If anything, this is one of the most respectful blockbuster movies toward the U.S. military that's happened in quite a long time (maybe since Independence Day). No doubt it's going to be a big hit among members of the armed forces. I've heard one person say that this movie was "obviously" inspired by George W. Bush since Optimus Prime says that "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings". That's an even crazier claim than anything I heard about 300, because that quote is the exact same one found on the box for the original Optimus Prime toy from 1984! It's not political one way or another: it's alien robots beating the snot out of each other... where the heck is the hidden agenda in that?!

I might see it once more in theaters, and then pounce on getting the DVD when it comes out toward Christmas, probably. In the meantime, it's definitely a movie worth watching in a crowded theater with hundreds of others in the most profound amazement and enjoyment.


Suz said...

Hi. Found your blog from a Google search for the Transformers score. I'm hoping it comes out on CD or iTunes soon because it will immediately become part of my personal play list. The music during the arrival of the Autobots from space is beautiful and epic.

When I first saw the teaser trailer for this a year ago I blew it off. I was a (female!) Transformer fan since I was a kid, but I thought a live action movie would be stupid and cheesy.

And who could ever be the voice of Optimus Prime except Peter Cullen? but when I found out he had been cast as OP, I knew that this movie would be worth seeing.

And now I've seen it three times, and I will probably see it again soon. Peter Cullen's voice work is enough to make me lay down another $9 to see it again.

BTW, good blog. I've bookmarked you. I've been blogging for a couple years now myself and enjoy it. I'm also a professional writer and practicing Christian. I'm in between jobs right now, but God is faithful.