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Monday, July 30, 2007

So I called Sony Music about Jablonsky's TRANSFORMERS score ...

The online petition to show support for an album of the Transformers score by Steve Jablonsky is now up to 1,821 signatures. It will probably be over two thousand by this time tomorrow.

So I thought it was a good a time as any to call Sony Music, since everything is indicating that they are the ones who would be releasing this thing. And my intention was only to ask about when approximately we could be seeing this in stores. My e-mail box has been flooded with inquiries in the past several days from people about this: there was the feeling that I owed them some kind of substantive update with info straight from the source.

Well, I called up Sony BMG Music at (212)833-8000. A woman's recorded voice gave me a list of options to choose from. I hit "4", to speak to an operator at Sony BMG Music.

That put me through to a fella who asked me "how may I direct your call". I told him that I was calling to ask about the status of the Transformers score CD. He told me in a rather tired voice that there is no plan to release it at this time and that "I believe that I've spoken to you before about this." Now this was the very first time in my life that I've called Sony Music, and so far as I know it's only the second call I've ever made to any recording label (the first was several years ago when I was working to set up an interview with a musical artist). I told this guy that it couldn't have been me that he had spoken to, that this was my first time calling Sony Music. I don't know who it was but I can't help but have the sense that they have been contacted quite a bit about this.

Like I said, I only called to try and get an estimated release date. I wasn't expected to hear, again, that there are "no plans at this time" to release the orchestral score from the Transformers movie.

In the past week we've heard from a number of sources that an album is coming and "soon", and then we've heard from the music studio itself that an album is not coming anytime soon. So which is right?

If I hear anything else about this, I'll let y'all know.


Anonymous said...

An interesting thought came to mind: what if Sony isn't the one releasing the score? As a wild thought, what if Warner Bros./WEA is, since they put out the 'Soundtrack'? That could be Sony keeps saying they aren't releasing one and others say one is in the works.

Chris Knight said...

Three sources have told me that Warners had the rights to do a "soundtrack" with songs, but that the orchestral score rights belong to Sony.

That happens quite a bit with movies that have "two" soundtracks. The album that most people remember from The Matrix had the songs from the movie (and *gasp* they were ACTUALLY USED IN THE MOVIE! :-) but there was also the CD with the score by Don Davis, which was released by another label. I did some quick checking and the only movie that I could come up with that had two albums that were released by the same company was 1989's Batman (I've still got my cassettes of both of those somewhere :-) Okay yeah I guess Dirty Dancing qualifies as one also but I can't remember there ever being a score album for it, just two albums each with songs.

Anonymous said...

Darn, I thought we had a solution here... :). I remember the whole Batman ordeal. Waiting for the Elfman score made for a very long summer, hmmmm, maybe that wasn't so bad. Now, this wait however...

Anonymous said...

Oh my Mike, I was also thinking the same thing. That Sony may not be responsible for releasing Jablonsky's score. It makes sense since they can't give us any answers regarding the score release which is odd knowing there is great demand for the score.

James V.

Anonymous said...


The above link is also debating on that same issue. Do you mind Chris telling us who are your sources for the Sony has the rights to the score?

James V.

Anonymous said...

Here's something radical for you:

Try contacting Jablonsky's agent, Dreamworks LLC and/or Paramount Pictures in regards to the true source label from wich the score will be released?