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Saturday, July 07, 2007

TRANSFORMERS: Heavy demand for Jablonsky score CD

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TRANSFROMERS score by Steve Jablonsky CD online petition!

Here's an MP3 - courtesy of Burger King's promotional tie-in site - of the Decepticons theme music from Transformers.

I'm making this post to convey the following information: that in the past day or so this blog has received a heavy amount of traffic. It's much more than usual. And looking at the logs, right now the vast majority of it is from searches for "transformers" along with "score" and usually "jablonsky" or "cd" or "soundtrack", and that's taking them to this post that I made yesterday about how much I'd love to buy a CD of the movie's score.

I can only assume that many, many people out there are wanting a soundtrack CD of Steve Jablonsky's orchestral work from Transformers. At least four people have told me personally that they want to see this happen. That they would gladly buy this as soon as it came out.

If anyone responsible for the marketing of Transformers happens to read this, I sincerely hope they understand that there is a massive demand for this soundtrack. Not the one that is out now, with the songs... which I'm sure is nice and all. But it's Jablonsky's original score for the movie that we are most aching for a chance to get our hands on.

I would love to see this come out before the summer is over. It would most assuredly be a hot seller. In the meantime, while it's available use the above link to download the menacing music of the Decepticons.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's how I got here....looking for more info on when the score will be out! I hope they get cracking soon while the interest is still high!

qemuel said...

Count me in for the score. I want to see the movie again, so let me know if you'd like to join me and make it a third viewing!

Suz said...

I'll put my vote in for the score as well, and my money. If it comes out I'll buy it.

I've checked other websites, but I can't find any information. It seems to me that, due to the complete lack of information, they have no intention of releasing a score. I hope it's not true.

Anonymous said...

I got here doing the same thing, Looking for the score. The movie was awesome, seen it twice and the Score is EPIC. Thank u for the sample hopefully we all get more.

Unknown said...


Scroll to the very bottom, there is hope!!

"Transformers will hit theaters on July 4, 2007. A song soundtrack will be released by Warner Brothers Records on June 26, 2007, and a score album is in the works.

Click the link and pray!!!

Anonymous said...

Since the island this guys on a roll with his music. Still makes me mad that they would put out a CD with crap for money instead of well giving the fans what they really want......a score.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE...have the score come out now!!!!!!!!

Duel of Swords said...

I whole heartedly agree with 'Justin' it is such a shame they would release a supposed soundtrack with a bunch of songs that really had no real effect on the movie. I've just heard a sample score of what it to be released on Oct. 9 and all I have to say omg! I'm counting down the days to the release date! They so have my money! =D