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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The irony didn't sink in until a short while ago: all summer I've been championing the release of Steve Jablonsky's orchestral soundtrack from the movie Transformers. And Transformers was a Paramount production. Well, Paramount is owned by Viacom...

...and now Viacom is claiming that I infringed on its copyright because I uploaded onto YouTube a video that Viacom made by violating MY copyright!

No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose.

Okay, just had to get that out of the way for sake of the irony, 'cuz I do appreciate irony (even when it's not going my way). Anyhoo, I found this on Amazon.com's page for what is apparently now being called Transformers: The Score:

Looks beautiful! I soooo can't wait to have this in my CD collection.


Anonymous said...


What you need to do is re-post the Viacom video and comment on it. And how it was taken down and used without permission.

Then, if they send a cease and desist to YouTube and have the new video taken down, you should then take Viacom to court. They'll probably have a very tough time justifying their actions in court.

Anonymous said...

Check out this transformer

Linchuen said...

Excuse me, i wanna ask where i can find the theme song of Transformers: the game? (you can listen through the official website)