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Monday, August 06, 2007

Finally watched SIN CITY

So last week 300 came out on DVD and I've had that playing a bunch of times now if nothing else than for background noise. And then tonight, courtesy of Netflix, I watched Sin City. So for the past few days there's sorta been a "film festival" of movies based on Frank Miller stories that's been running here.

I'm going to say that I seriously liked this movie, even though I didn't really understand some of it. After watching Sin City I feel kind of the same way that I felt after first reading Miller's The Dark Knight Returns years ago: that I thought this was a really great piece of work in spite of the fact that parts of it confused the heck out of me. But then, even Bob Kane - Batman's creator - said that he never understood The Dark Knight Returns himself. Maybe I need to go track down the Sin City graphic novels and read them to really "get" this.

But what I could understand of Sin City the movie, I thought was pretty compelling. And I very much enjoyed the film-making technique that went into this movie. It's got much the same kind of "hyper-real" look to it that 300 has, which may be the neatest innovation that's come along so far as faithfully adapting the comic book medium to that of motion pictures. The stories were hard and gritty, and I got the sense that this was quite a believable setting, being so rife with vice and politics and corruption. Sin City also has quite a strong cast, the biggest standouts being Mickey Roarke (how da heck did he move like that?), Clive Owen and Bruce Willis.

All things considered, a groovy movie. I'll probably get it for my DVD collection at some point.