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Saturday, August 11, 2007


So tonight (I guess it still counts as Friday night) the Sci-Fi Channel premiered its new show Flash Gordon, a 2007 update of Alex Raymond's classic comic book. And what I saw of it... wasn't good. Easily the worst thing was getting rid entirely of having Flash and Dale being taken to Mongo onboard Dr. Zarkov's rocket: in the 2007 show they get there by dimensional rift. I don't even want to begin to get into M.I.N.O. ("Ming In Name Only").

Here's something that's much better: the opening credits from 1980's big-screen movie Flash Gordon, with that amazing theme song by Queen!


bmovies said...

The funniest part of this clip?

"Sam J. Jones as Flash Gordon"

Wow! THE Sam J. Jones????


Anonymous said...

The new flash is different but it may work.

Chris Knight said...

I watched it again this morning and I think my REAL biggest problem is this show's version of Ming the Merciless. Ming is one of the most iconic villains in fictional history and everything about him in the 2007 version is just plain wrong: from his attitude, to his appearance.

It's like somebody remade Star Wars and instead of Darth Vader in menacing black armor, they give us Darth Vader played by an unmasked Jackie Mason (which I've always liked Jackie Mason but y'know, I couldn't play Darth Vader onscreen either :-)

Charles Middleton, and later on Max von Sydow, could *really* portray Ming. I would love to have seen another attempt to achieve that same kind of look in this new version.