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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Life-sized Yoda statue is in our foster care

Look at what wound up in our living room earlier this afternoon...

This is a life-sized statue of Yoda, made of industrial-strength plastic resin. It is heavy and despite his realized stature it is positively huge! Without a doubt it's the biggest Yoda collectible that I've ever wound up having in my possession.

Here's the statue along with my vintage Yoda vinyl hand-puppet (circa 1981) and a "Star Wars Buddies" Yoda that Lisa gave me for Christmas a few years ago, to give you a sense of appreciating the scale of this thing (and that's an Artoo-Detoo cooler that Lisa got me for Christmas before last too, in the background)...

Not even these pictures can convey the full sense of how massive this statue is.

How did this thing come to be under our roof? Well, my good friend Brian Hodges AKA Darth Larry brought it over today. He's about to start a new job as a music professor at Mercer. A few weeks ago a friend of his from Orlando, Florida gave it to Brian, after her brother won it in a raffle. They didn't have anywhere to put Yoda so they let Brian have him. Well, Brian's original intent was to put Yoda in his office at the university and since the lightsaber blade pops out, Brian wanted Yoda to be wielding a cello bow instead. And that would have been terrific... except Yoda is so big that there wasn't room for him! So Brian asked me if I'd like to have it. I told him yes, on one condition: that it be understood that I am not taking permanent possession of this Yoda statue. Brian loves this way too much and I couldn't bear for him to relinquish total ownership of it. For the time being, Yoda is simply in our "foster care" until Brian can take him back for good.

In the meantime, life-sized Yoda is dominating our living room and I'm trying to figure out exactly how to give him bed and board. Brian's idea to give him a cello bow led me to come up with the idea of putting Yoda in Lisa's classroom (she teaches music at the nearby elementary school) with a conducing baton in his hand, and put up a little sign next to him reading "Music: The REAL Force". No doubt it would be a big hit with the kids!

So ummm... anyone else have other ideas about how to wisely use Yoda while he's here? :-)


qemuel said...


I actually got very lucky and bumped into Mr. and Mrs. DL at Ed McKays today! He was only in for a few hours, and fate made our paths cross (I didn't get to see him when he first moved).

He mentioned you house guest, and I have to say that I am more than a little jealous, and having him holding a sign saying "Music: The REAL Force" would be excellent!

Take care!

Darth Larry said...

i knew my ears were burning...heh heh.

i don't know chris, he looks pretty comfy with artoo there... i'm sure the kiddies or chad will really like him.

and it was quite fortuitous that we went to ed mckay's--so that we could run into phil!

good times.