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Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Viacom "infringement" insanity: Now lip-syncing to Prince is out

The story about my issue with Viacom and how they made YouTube take down a clip that I'd posted of a VH1 show which was already made with my own material is starting to get around. Now comes word of another crazy clip takedown on Viacom's orders...

Kenya Allmond received notification from YouTube yesterday that one of her videos had been pulled for "copyright infringement". The offending material? A clip of her boyfriend lip-syncing to "Kiss" by Prince!

At the rate things are going, it wouldn't surprise me if every single mash-up video using Star Trek on YouTube wound up getting zapped down the memory hole by the end of this weekend.


Kenya said...

I would think that a lipsync video would be covered under fair use. Big Media is just bullying everyone. I'm going to push further because I want to know what the outcome is.

As for you, you should probably take up the matter with Viacom directly (if possible) as they used your original content in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Local campaign commercial draws debate again [Darth Sidious makes the news]


nomasteryoda said...

You rock Chris!
I thought of this kind of mishandling of media a long while back... before the www came into being at least. Wait! That means I own the Copyright... let me find the paper on which I put down the thought.

This kind of insanity has to stop before we are just sheep waiting for the slaughter.

Anyway, thanks to OmniFrog (admin on FairUseDay), we have a post now on our Fairuseday.org site on your video fiasco.

Congrats on hitting the bigtime (/.)!