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Monday, August 13, 2007

The only thing I intend to say about Karl Rove resigning

The man is not and never has been a "genius". At most, Karl Rove is a thug who has devoted his entire life toward destroying others for the most shallow of reasons: political power. Whatever "success" he has enjoyed only came about because he exploited his lack of conscience more than he used any surplus of cleverness.

I won't say that Karl Rove is the source of most of the problems that this country is facing, as some will no doubt be fast to claim. But that Karl Rove was allowed to go as far as he did certainly is symptomatic of those problems. I see no reason to praise this accomplishment. Indeed, it says much about how seared our soul has become when many of us refuse to feel anything but dire shame at possibly admiring this man.

I imagine that Karl Rove is going to die someday: as an obscure, broken man with nothing more to show for his life other than the knowledge that he helped to hurt a lot of people, if not an entire country. After all, this is the man who helped engineer the biggest wholesale destruction of Constitutional rule of law in recent memory, to say nothing about pushing the drive for the war in Iraq and this administration's criminal refusal to secure our borders.

I defy anyone to tell me that there has been something decent and "Christian" about this man worth raising a toast in his honor.