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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The technology of They Might Be Giants

Let's get what I'm obviously going to say out of the way. The thing that I always mention whenever the subject of They Might Be Giants comes up. Namely, that Flood from 1990 is the greatest musical album ever produced.

I dare anyone to try and tell me otherwise. Not when every single song on this album is nothing less than a work of freakin' genius.

I've owned a copy of Flood in one form or another since 1992. It's easily the most-played album on my MP3 player. So many good memories associated with this album. I sorta feel a duty to shamelessly pitch for it :-)

Anyway, yeah I'm a huge fan of "the two Johns", Linnel and Flansburgh. These guys have always been on the cutting edge not just of music but of technology. And now Gearlog has an awesome interview with John Flansburgh in two parts (here's Part Two) about the band's use of technology, going right back to the days of the original Dial-A-Song and up to Long Tall Weekend, the first album by a longtime performance group released completely in MP3 format. Well worth a read if you're interested in either contemporary music or how the use of computers and other tech has grown up around it.


Lee Shelton said...

"Might be"? They are giants!

qemuel said...

Even old New York was once New Amsterdam - Why they changed it I can't say - People just liked it better that way!

No denying it, FLOOD is one of the incomparable albums of our generation. I've owned more than one copy myself!