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Saturday, August 11, 2007

... Then maybe America doesn't need saving at all

Stu Bykofsky, a writer with the Philadephia Daily News, is seriously suggesting that the best way to "save" America is to have another attack like 9/11.

Two months ago, a Republican party official also said that America needs to be attacked again so that people would appreciate President Bush.

If "saving" America means not only anticipating, but openly hoping for the deaths of innocent people, then America does not deserve to survive at all.

I mean that.

Here is the biggest problem that I have with these self-styled "neoconservatives": they believe that America's strength is supposed to be in material wealth and military might. They don't give a damn about the value of individual life. How else can they sincerely consider it to be "good news" when it's reported that the death toll of American military is the lowest in several months... and not bother to ask themselves if even one life needlessly lost because of this fiasco is one life too many.

These people don't care if others die for America. So long as they aren't the ones having to do the fighting and the dying.

If America is a country where the many are deemed to be expendable assets for the betterment of the few, then that America does not merit survival. If we are ceasing to be a people that values the life of the individual and the rights that God has bestowed upon him or her, then there is no longer anything inherently good in America at all. Certainly not worth fighting or dying for.


qemuel said...

The only thing we need "saving" from is people like Stu Bykofsky. His answer is not to consider that MAYBE we are out of line with this conflict, but that rather more people needlessly die (on both sides) so that those who oppose the U.S. war of terror be silenced.

Americans aren't anti-war because the war has dragged on to long, they feel this way because they have begun to realize that they are being played by those in power, and that their representatives have more interest in corporate America than human lives.

What kind of monster would suggest something like this? We live in a world where people just sit there and take it when the powers that be tell them to sit down and shut up. If this is what America has degenerated into, we do not deserve salvation.